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Hardlock Driver

File Size Description Release
9,9 MB Hardlock Driver Installation 32/64bit (Windows 95/98/ME/NT4/ 2000/XP/2003, Win 2003 Server x64, WinXP x64, Vista) command line Version 5.55 + Win 2008 Server x32,x64 hardlock_driver_ NEW
10/2008 4.8 MB Hardlock Driver Installation 32/64bit (Windows 95/98/ME/NT4/2000/XP/Vista/2003, Win 2003 Server x64, WinXP x64) GUI
supports MS Vista!
11 MB API Driver installation
supports MS Vista!
2/2007 248 KB Hardlock Driver Installation 16bit (Windows 3.x) GUI
11/2002 1,5 MB Hardlock Diver, Tools and Demos 11/2003
PCMCIA x64 20 KB Hardlock PCMCIA driver for Windows x64 (WinXP x64, Win2003 Server x64) 2/2006

Hardlock Setup Program

File Size Description Release
Date 12 MB Hardlock Bistro 2.5 (Win32) 09/2003 2,4 MB HL-Server Installation (Win32) 8/2007 2,2 MB Hardlock Diagnostic Tool 05/2007 1,9 MB Aladdin* Server Monitor 04/2007 2,3 MB HL-WEB, User Setup (Win32) 11/2002 3,5 MB HL-WEB Vendor (includes hlweb32.exe) 11/2002 447 KB Software for Hardlock SE 11/2002 10,5 MB All setup programs for end user (Driver, Server, Aladdin* Monitor, Aladdin* Diagnostic, end user manual) 11/2002 41 MB All Hardlock Tools and API complete setup 11/2002

Windows Components Downloads

Windows Version 95 98 NT4 ME 2000
DCOM (Distributed Component Object Model) V        
MDAC (Data Access Components) V V V    
Common Control Update V   V    
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*Acquired by SafeNet Inc.

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