eSafe HTTP Macro Script Test Page

In this test you will try to download a MS-Word document containing a Macro Script.

*Note - You should reduce the security level in Microsoft Word for this test.
              In Word select from the top menu:  Tools->Macro->Security, Low Security.
              Another option is to confirm any dialog box during the test by selecting "Enable macros".

1. Right Click the following link and choose "Save Target as.." from the popUp menu.
2. Save the file on your desktop.
4. Try to open the file by double clicking on it.

HTTP Download - MS-Word containing a Macro Script

Upon its execution, this Macro Script will attempt to perform the
following actions:

1. Create the folder "eSafe HTTP Macro test" on your desktop.
2. Create the text file "About this test.txt" inside it and
copy your win.ini file from your Windows directory into this folder as well.

If you are not protected from Macro Scripts, a folder name
"eSafe HTTP Macro test" should appear on your Desktop."

For more information, please review the text file :
"[Desktop Folder]\eSafe HTTP Macro test\About this test.txt".