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Hardlock Migration


This tool is only available upon request. It provides an easy way to migrate end users from Hardlock USB keys to Sentinel HASP keys. This Add-on is a library that performs two methods:

  • Copies the content of the RAM and/or ROM memory from a Hardlock USB key to a Sentinel HASP key (both keys being simultaneously connected to the end-user PC)
  • Disables the Hardlock USB key from performing any future licensing actions (to prevent the user from running the new version on one PC using the Sentinel HASP key, and the old version of the software on a different PC using the existing Hardlock USB key).

The library can be linked to an application that will be run as part of the installer; copy the memory content of the Hardlock USB key to the Sentinel HASP key; and make the Hardlock USB key invalid for any further licensing.

Who Should Use this Tool?

Software vendors who want to upgrade their end-users’ Hardlock USB keys to Sentinel HASP keys. This tool should be used by software vendors who are NOT using the LiMAS system (another system will assist migration from LiMAS to Sentinel HASP).


This tool, and all other HASP implementations on the HASP Developer's Solutions webpage are offered to you as a free of charge service. They are not part of the HASP product, and have not been tested by Aladdin (acquired by SafeNet Inc.). Aladdin makes no representations whatsoever with regards thereto. All implementations are provided on an "AS IS" basis and Aladdin assumes no liability for use thereof. If you wish to share unique HASP implementations with other HASP users, you are welcome to forward them to your local Aladdin representative. However, please take into consideration that for various reasons, Aladdin may decide not to publish your suggested implementation. To receive this tool, please contact your regional HASP representative.

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