eSafe Content Security ROI Calculator
What is non-work-related employees' web-surfing, spam and virus incidents costing you?
Fill in the red boxes with your company's numbers then press the button on the right (or move the mouse over a field) for results!
Number of Employees
Total number of employees with Internet access
Annual Salary (US$)
Average fully burdened salary and benefits for one employee
Hourly Rate (US$):
Weekly time surfing the web (hours/week)
The average time one employee spends per week surfing the Internet
Weekly email rate (emails/week)
Average number of emails received by an employee per week
Number of virus infection incidents (viruses/year)
Expected number of virus infections per machine per year

Total Non-productive Economic Impact for Your Company
(Assumption: 10% of non-productive surfing time, 25% of email is spam, 15 seconds to read and delete one spam email, 1 hour to scan and/or clean a virus-infected workstation)
Web surfing Spam deleting Virus Cleaning
Annual non-productive time (hours/year)
Non-productive hours per year for one employee
All Employees (hours/year)
Total Economic Impact (US$/year)
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Results of your company ROI for implementing eSafe Content Security solution
Protection Cost (US$)
Cost of purchasing eSafe Gateway product
Annual Maintenance Cost (US$)
Cost of eSafe Care for 1 year
Implementation Cost (US$)
Cost of implementation & installation (25% of the purchase price)
Hardware Cost (US$)
Cost of servers necessary to run eSafe Gateway
Total Protection cost for your company (US$) $

Return on Investment (US$)
Total Economic Impact less Protection Cost
Return on Investment Ratio (US$)
Amount saved for every $1 invested
Period for full ROI (days)
Number of days until full return of investment

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